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Mystery Box - Winter 2018-19

USPS Priority Mail postage included
U.S. orders only

(If enough demand comes from overseas, I will look into an economic option.)

In order to clear some space in my label and personal storage spaces, I am putting together a series of "mystery boxes." These boxes will each contain a unique mixture of items that I have amassed over the years.

Description of contents:

- A minimum of ten (10) recorded items, made up of a random/unique mix of cassettes, CDs, CDRs, 7-inch vinyl. These items will be a mixture of second-hand, new, sealed, distro overstock, etc.

-Printed matter, including a random/unique mix of flyers, posters (folded), stickers, catalogs, etc.

- While these items will predominately come from artists, bands, and labels that I have crossed paths with over time, I may include a small number of BloodLust! items, or items from my own bands.

- Items will be carefully packed with protective bubble wrap.