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Envenomist "Bound Dominions" CD

Image of Envenomist "Bound Dominions" CD


New for 2011, an inspiring full-length masterpiece from Envenomist (AKA David Reed of Luasa Raelon, Brittle Foundries, Nightmares).

If you think that you have heard it all, well, you have not. Based upon Reed's recent live work, "Bound Dominions" is a more nimble take on the classic Envenomist sound.

Highly recommended!

Label: Fatal Beliefs
Catalog number: F 05

1 - Judgment (6:58)
2 - Aurora (7:06)
3 - Writhing Towers (8:13)
4 - Overthruster (7:39)
5 - Masks (7:41)
6 - Dominion (6:30)

Artwork by Michele Mattiuz
Engineered by David Reed
Mastered by Kris Lapke (Hospital Productions, Alberich, Furisubi
Ash Pool, Football Rabbit, Northern Cross...)

Pro-replicated CDs with single panel, double-sided inserts, featuring color artwork (hammerhead sharks!); in jewel boxes

Note: NO shrinkwrap

"Bound Dominions moans with heavy analog synth ambient. The whole album resonates with a primordial ache. Rotting ghost ships in the fog, fields of gurgling earth and steam, lost places swallowed by vegetation and the reverence and sorrow such sites evoke in a quiet landscape." - Scott E. Candey