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B!173 Sshe Retina Stimulants and Neil Jendon "A Brutal Case Of Glacial Blasphemy" CD


Sshe Retina Stimulants and Neil Jendon
"A Brutal Case Of Glacial Blasphemy" CD

Exclusive new studio recordings from the dream team.

Neither of these artists needs much introduction to people who follow BloodLust! -- Sshe Retina Stimulants has been here from the very start and Neil Jendon has been a part of the live and recorded extended family for several years now, joining some particularly memorable live bills with BLOODYMINDED, The Fortieth Day and Anatomy of Habit. He also has two previous releases on BloodLust! Recently, Neil has joined another band with an LP on the label, Rabid Rabbit, adding his synth skills to their doomy, dark psychedelic sound.

I am not sure, exactly, when the thought occurred to me that Paolo and Neil should record and/or play together, but when I introduced them and watched them converse at a show in Chicago, maybe two or three years ago, the idea certainly clicked. They are, individually, two of my favorite electronic musicians -- and although Paolo continues to investigate increasingly spartan digital set-ups, and Neil always dazzles me with his very analog modular rig -- the two share a sensibility that makes them a great match. Both men frequently take a rather minimalist approach to their sound, and both often exploit a range of isolated frequencies that solidified the concept of their pairing in my mind.

They bring these varied elements together on this collaboration, offering a wide range of electrical sounds, beautifully blended, at times testing and straining the low-end response of the listener's speakers and demanding the that one pay very close attention to their array of inhuman crystalline tones and frequencies.

The two finally played live together, in Chicago, in late November of 2012 (see pictures next to this description), quickly throwing subtlety to the wind and blowing the roof off the performance space. It was a treat!

Professionally duplicated CDs, packaged with single panel, double-sided inserts; color artwork; in jewel boxes with shrink-wrap.

1. Meticulous Erosion (6:42)
2. Roaring Cavitation (7:05)
3. Thermic Ablation (5:28)
4. Sidereal Coal (5:25)
5. Bacterial Rift (9:00)
6. Solar Suture (8:05)

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