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B!154 BLOODYMINDED "Boston 2009" CD



Digital available via Bandcamp/iTunes

Specially released in a limited edition of 100 copies to coincide with BLOODYMINDED's appearance at the Heavy Focus Festival III, April 24, 2010, in Minneapolis, MN. This release features a recording of our set from the Northeast Noise & Power Electronics Festival II, November 7, 2009, in Boston, MA. For that very special show, we played our debut CD "Trophy" in its entirety, minus the 20+ minute long song "Overdrive." Why? Because a trip to Boston demands a fucking very special BLOODYMINDED set. Especially if it is a return to a completely over-the-top event like the Northeast Noise & Power Electronics Festival, which for the second year in a row, included a devastating line-up of the best-of-the-best in this scene. And particularly, when the boys in Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck have brought you out their to play. And, as it turns out, Boston is city where "Trophy" has taken on a certain importance. The folks in that scene have embraced the album in a particular way that somehow caused the idea to perform it seem like a really clever concept. Was it? Yes and no. As the show approached, I realized that from the 46 songs on tap, BLOODYMINDED had never even performed several of the songs on "Trophy" live, while other tracks had only had a small number of live airings since 1995. And let's be frank, I am not exactly known for my great memorization skills. But this was not a crowd that could be let down, so a minor mental miracle had to occur. And let's also factor in the distractions. While James Moy was tasked with holding down synth and mixer duties, as well as adding vocal leads and fills [if and when I stumbled], I had Pieter Schoolwerth and Xavier Laradji flying around me and accosting me throughout the set --- not to mention an extremely excited, physical, and verbal audience that was not content to observe the edge-of-the-stage boundary. It was an endurance test, it was a battle, and it was three-quarters-of-an-hour of pure jubilation. Here then, are the results, in all of their glory. The recording is presented as one continuous track, with all of the atmosphere of the occasion completely remaining intact. These are professionally duplicated CDs, with single panel, double-sided inserts, featuring color artwork; in jewel boxes with shrinkwrap.

Tracklisting (no breaks):
In The Mood / Over Before You Know It / Lake Street / Spread / Cost / Constriction / Knife / Down / Mantra / Rise / Perform / Hot / Crawl / Porn Lords /Cro-bar / Inside / Trophy / Chinatown / Muscle / Skin / Thigh / Lick / Brass Pole / Tears / Finger / Hand / Void / Her God / In-Back / Blind / Waste / Flesh / Cream / Wild Dogs / Wire / Slick / Spit / Wet / Make / Boost / Hair / All / Shape / Pulse / Sustain / Boy

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