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The final phase.

Originally recorded for release in 2009 as a single-sided 12-inch on Land O'Smiles records, as part of their now-defunct The Black Lodge Series.

Assembled from live and studio recordings made during the extended “Magnetism” era, following the release of "PHASES : ONE," "PHASES : TWO" and "PHASES : THREE."

Considered for release as an expanded 12-inch on BloodLust! until "Within The Walls" finally became too urgent.

We are now outside the gate and it is time to move on...

Released 11 January 2012

Xavier Laradji
James Moy
Isidro Reyes
Pieter Schoolwerth
Mark Solotroff

Studio elements recorded at Conservatory, Chicago, IL, 2008-2009.

Live elements recorded at The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, June 6, 2008 and July 25, 2008.

Assembled and mixed at Liquide Soundstudios, Chicago, IL, February 2009.

Engineered by Jonathan DeVries.

Produced by Mark Solotroff for BLOODYMINDED

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