B!116 Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck "Champagne and Biological Women" 7-inch


Pressed in a numbered edition of 200 copies; Black vinyl; Silver labels with black text; Pro-printed, color, fold-over sleeves; 45 RPM; Initially another victim of the recent colored vinyl drought that cut short the private series, I am pleased to finally announce the new single from Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck. Throughout the 2000s, this Boston band (Shane Broderick, Ted Sweeney, and Joshua Hydeman [now of Portland, OR]) has been evolving through the worlds of grindcore, violent power-electronics, and confrontational performance art. I was handed a copy of their "P.T. Barnum's Gallery Of Masturbatorial Disenchantment" CD at No Fun Fest, a few years ago, and after I listened to it, I pretty much knew that TDS OGF and BLOODYMINDED had an enigmatic connection that was worth pursuing, even if I was rather thrown off the scent by their particular brand of humor -- which prevails to this day, as evidenced by the cringeworthy title of the fourth track on this single. An October 2007 Chicago show totally sealed the deal for me. Not since Slogun had I witnessed such a believably violent outburst from a power-electronics group. And TDS OGF had the sound to back up their attitude. The tsunami that rushed out of the massive Suffering Bastard PA that night was every bit as potent as their stage presence. At that point, I knew that a BloodLust! release had to happen. Finally, In March 2008, BLOODYMINDED went to Boston to play the TDS OGF-curated Northeast Regional Noise and Power Electronics Festival (they do like their wordy titles, don't they?), and the necessary bonding was completed. Take that how you will. Band member Ted Sweeney created the two amazing collages that grace the front and back covers, and similar to their excellent 12-inch on Apop Records, this single was mastered by James Plotkin (of Khanate, Khylst, OLD, etc.) for maximum sonic potency. I had no doubt in my mind that they would deliver a concise and ferocious monster. Here it is...

A1. "Covered In Shit" (1:22)
A2. "Down In The Dirt" (2:22)
B1: "Still Erect (...And Definitely Not Leaving)" (1:06)
B2: "Mark Solotroff Built My Hotrod" (1:45)