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B!088 BLOODYMINDED "Live In Mexico City" CD-R


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Produced for the recent BLOODYMINDED U.K. tour, in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies. These are the last remaining copies from the tour. A complete live show, recorded on MiniDisc, on June 22, 2007, at Under Kabarett, Mexico City, Mexico. Mastered by Salvatore Dellaria, August 2007, at Eightysevenwest Recording, Chicago, Illinois. These professionally duplicated discs have glossy printed black and white faces and they are packaged in black and white, photocopied, fold-over sleeves, with poly outer-sleeves. Released in 2007

1. In The Mood
2. Lake Street
3. As If
4. Girlfriend Attempts To Explain Schizophrenic Episode By Revealing Childhood Sexual Abuse
5. Angel Of Darkness
6. Mind The Gap
7. Head
8. Outside The Gate
9. Pro-Ana
10. Blind Fury
11. Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - AIDS Ward
12. Shivery
13. Within The Walls
14. Two Drops Of Blood
15. A Song For Lisanne, A Young Model
16. Genital Panic
17. Trophy
18. Mantra

Recorded June 22, 2007 - Under Kabarett - Mexico City, Mexico

Housed in a paper sleeve. Numbered edition of 100 copies for the November 2007 U.K. tour.