B!038 Jim Goodall "Sacred Prostitution" 7-inch

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B!038 Jim Goodall "Sacred Prostitution" 7-inch

Mr. D.D. Dobson himself. And what a list of bands! Whitehouse, Medicine, Severed Head in a Bag, Debt of Nature, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Jon Wayne...

Cult 1980s electronics culled from a legendary set of cassettes.

Recorded by Jim Goodall and David Vaught.

Edited and remastered by Mark Solotroff.

Edition of 100.

Clear green vinyl.

Recorded in 1983. Edited and remastered in 1998. Released in 1999.

A: Sacred Prostitution Part 1 (4:50)
B: Sacred Prostitution Part 2 (4:56)