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B!015 Hydra "Power" Cassette

by Hydra

$5.00 / Sold Out

Released June 1996

Re-released on CD in 2008 as B!111

An early BloodLust! release by the late Greg Scott, formerly of NYC power (electronics) trio Final Solution and the criminally underrated Beg For Eden.

Packaged in an A5 sleeve. Limited to 50 numbered copies.

Artwork By [Insert Graphics] – Megan Emish
Electronics [Live], Synthesizer [Live], Guitar [Live] – Peter Messina (credited as Peter Messiaen)
Mixed By, Engineer – Jacques Cohen
Vocals [Studio + Live], Electronics [Studio + Live] – Greg Scott

A1, A2, and A4 recorded at "The Space", Poughkeepsie, NY.
A3 originally released on the "V.A. Lives" tape, by IRDS, Japan.
Tracks B1-B3 recorded live at the Red Room, NYC 11/8/95.
Track B4 recorded during the "Spastik Soniks" sessions.

A1 Force 5:28
A2 Death's Dimension 6:10
A3 Past Life Recall 6:01
A4 Gun God (Time Killer Mix) 9:11
B1 Break Away 9:53
B2 Self Hatred 10:56
B3 I Don't Exist 5:48
B4 Dead World (Excerpt) 4:59