The Sodality "Unburdened Underpass" CD


The Sodality "Unburdened Underpass" CD (2023)

CD housed in full-color gatefold wallet

Originally created in 1984 by Andrea Cernotto & Pierpaolo Zoppo, The Sodality bloomed under Andrea‘s guidance across seminal works in the 80's and 90's. The project was revived by original members Paolo Bandera and Eraldo Bernocchi for a 2014 concert with Mark Solotroff on vocals, and again in 2023, for a live show and new recordings with the same line-up + contribution by founder Andrea Cernotto.

“Unburdened Underpass” includes two brand new, very long and mostly instrumental tracks, completely different from the “Schmooze & Sleaze” 12”. While visually related to the previous release (thanks to the striking artwork of Petulia Mattioli), the audio content provides a radically alternative angle of The Sodality’s extreme existentialism, obsessed with the ageing of libido and the intoxicating stench of death.

“… extreme existentialism, an act of pure and unadulterated audio commentaries about old age, the transformation of libido and the irreversible path to death … naked and raw as spilled guts, while sophisticated as a post-sociology tome, an exercise in psychology dissection… deadly / funnily serious and fully unpredictable… voices explode like dying worms and howling monsters, noises like falling stars and sudden earthquakes, frequencies like injected poisons and rumbling cascades… words inflate like melting projectiles and concept pornographies …”

The Sodality: Paolo Bandera, Eraldo Bernocchi, Mark Solotroff, Andrea Cernotto

Conceived & composed by Paolo Bandera

Produced by Eraldo Bernocchi

Executive production and framework structuring by Paolo Bandera

Engineering, mixing and mastering by Eraldo Bernocchi

Driving vocals by Mark Solotroff, recorded by Sanford Parker @ Hypercube, Chicago

Side vocals by Andrea Cernotto

Electronics recorded January – May 2023 in Milano, London and Chicago

Artwork by Petulia Mattioli

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