Mark Solotroff "Return To Oneself" 2CD


This isn't my new album. As I'm still working (slowly) on that, I decided to put together a 2CD set that compiles my three digital-only singles from last winter, along with a previously unreleased 47+ minute song that I built from recordings from the same sessions as those singles and my last album. I would characterize this music as continuing and evolving the type of rough-edged minimalist drone that I composed for my two prior albums: "You May Be Holding Back" (2020) and "Not Everybody Makes It" (2021). The core components of these songs include analog synth (recorded to four-track cassette), magnetic tape sound, controlled feedback, and the occasional long distance, phantom melody. I think this music works well for attentive, close listening (over speakers or with headphones), to focus on different characteristics in the sound -- and also when it's more in the background, for activities like reading, writing, drawing, or even going to sleep. I've listened to this music quite a bit, under these different circumstances, and I really enjoy how it performs, so I hope you will too. The CDs are housed in a digipak that features black and white architectural photographs that I shot around downtown Chicago. Versions of three of the images were used for the original digital singles. I also enjoy that it sits nicely alongside my three "Strategic Planning" 2CD sets.

1. "A Form Of Consolation" (15:00)
2. "Pressing Upon Us" (15:00)
3. "Rush Headlong Into It" (15:00)

1. "Towards The Other" ( 47:15)