B!094 Failing Lights "True Form" 7-inch (of Hair Police - ex-Wolf Eyes)


The nineteenth release in a series of private 7-inch singles

Pressed in an edition of 300 copies; White vinyl; White labels with minimal black text; Poly-lined inner sleeves; Unmarked white cardboard sleeves - sealed on three sides; Black and white insert; 45 RPM; Failing Lights is Mike Connelly (of Clay Rendering and Hair Police, ex-Wolf Eyes); If it seems like there have been a lot of synth releases on BloodLust! these days and forever, then this is Connelly showing you what he can do with dark, distorted, droned-out organ playing; In my head, at least, I understand why this record perfectly illustrates the collision - and probably the collusion - between the contrasting styles of sound generated by members of the Lexington, Kentucky and the greater Detroit, Michigan-area scenes; Somber and unsettling, "True Form" is as "true industrial" as can be; seemingly old, and to my ears, totally non-derivative.

1. "Discovery of a World in the Moon" (3:44)
2. "Ideal Lunar Landscape" (3:33)