B!091 M.O. "Where Are We Going?" CD (Mauthausen Orchestra)


The first full-length release in over ten years! Pierpaolo Zoppo returns with seven new songs, recorded for BloodLust! in 2006, as a follow-up to his "Smooth Hate" 7-inch (B!065), which immediately sold out of its limited edition of 100 copies --- and the "Forbidden Ground" private series 7-inch (B!056), which is also nearly gone; Perfectly cold, austere, and dark analog synth material --- for fans of Zoppo's outstanding, evolving contemporary work --- yet carrying enough weight behind it to please all but the most close-minded and jaded fans of his early, violent, primitive, and raw Mauthausen Orchestra recordings (recently revisited for the lavish Broken Flag box set released by Vinyl-on-demand in 2007); This CD is packaged in a handsome black and white and color four-panel Digipak, designed by ex-BLOODYMINDED member, Megan Emish, who also designed the "Raising Vapours" CD (B!033) and who designed and executed the hand-silk-screened packaging for the "Smooth Hate" single; Approximately 46-minutes in length; Released in 2008.

1. "Intimate Pulsation" (8:11)
2. "Sometime Happen" (7:01)
3. "When Suffering Becomes Show" (7:57)
4. "Cellular Time Release" (9:03)
5. "Confusion" (3:58)
6. "Not Allowable" (8:04)
7. "The Hole" (2:05)