B!138 Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat "Koskemattomuus" CD

B!138 Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat "Koskemattomuus" CD

BloodLust! is happy to announce "Koskemattomuus," the label's second release by the emerging industrial noise group, Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat, which follows on the footsteps of the bands recent "Anarkkia, Kaaos, Maailmanloppu!" EP [B!129]. The members of this shadow group of old-school industrial acolytes originally hail from Finland and from Karelia -- a region and an autonomous republic of northwest Russia, between the Gulf of Finland and the White Sea. To paraphrase some of the band's own dogmatic yet oblique statements and manifestos, Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat quite accurately claim to have built their sound on the bones of such groups as S.P.K. and Throbbing Gristle, through a prism of Japanese harsh-noise and Finnish hardcore-punk, spewing out a nihilistic nightmare of diffused synth hiss, commanding metal percussion, waves of harsh-noise, anarcho-punk attitude, and dissident power-electronics. This "new" album, which the band actually recorded in 2001, furthers the group's association with the anarcho-punk scene [CRASS, et al] by presenting a fiercely grim anti-war statement. By conjuring the disasters of war, both historic and contemporary, the group lays the blame for the death of so many innocent civilians squarely on the shoulders of greedy politicians and big business. Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat weave their aggressive, dark industrial-noise style with segments of traditional, romantic Finnish war songs from World War II, as well of impassioned battlefield vocal segments, creating a complex and compelling tableaux that should appeal to a broad group of listeners, including fans from the martial music, minimal synth, crusty punk, and noise scenes. These are professionally duplicated CDs, with single panel, double-sided inserts, featuring striking color artwork; in jewel boxes with shrinkwrap.

1. Perkele! (7:53)
2. Koskemattomuus (2:11)
3. Tiedustelija (5:28)
4. Aanisen Aallot I (3:06)
5. Aanisen Aallot II (2:22)
6. Totalitaarinen Valtio (2:28)
7. Elama Juoksuhaudoissa I (3:09)
8. Elama Juoksuhaudoissa II (4:00)
9. Odotan Maailmanloppua (0:27)