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Winters In Osaka "Mutual Collapse" CD

Image of Winters In Osaka "Mutual Collapse" CD


Why is this here and why should you pick this up? Well, for one thing, it includes a collaborative track with Isidro Reyes and Mark Solotroff, along with Rich Hoak of Brutal Truth, from our spring 2010 recording session. It also includes a track featuring Nicola Vinciguerra of Fecalove. Not to mention the numerous other grindworld luminaries that took part...

1 - "Voyeur" Part 1 (w/Jim Haras of PTM/Deterge and Erwin - formerly of Last days of Humanity)
2 - "Baby Pop" (w/Nicola Vinciguerra of Fecalove)
3 - "Toll" (w/Pat Yankee of Paranoid Time)
4 - "Waterweight" (w/Chris Dodge of Spazz/No Use for a Name)
5- "Mutual Collapse" (live collaboration with Rich Hoak from Brutal Truth/Total Fucking Destruction)
6 - "Voyeur" Part 2 (w/Sven of Hoarse Records and Kyle of Dysmenorheic Hemorrhage)
7- "Stairwell" (w/Rich Hoak of Brutal Truth/Total Fucking Destruction, Mark Solotroff of Anatomy of Habit/BLOODYMINDED/The Fortieth Day, and Isidro Reyes of BLOODYMINDED/The Fortieth Day)

Winters In Osaka lineup on this recording:
Jennings/Golen/Gonzalez (Constrictions/Socially Retarded)/Chami (Koufar, Bachir Gemayel)

Recorded in the spring of 2010

Mastered by Greg Ratajczak (Plague Bringer, Anatomy of Habit)