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Bee Mask v. Envenomist split LP


A new and essential vinyl release on David Russell's A Soundesign label, featuring close BloodLust! family member David Reed.

ASR050 Bee Mask v. Envenomist split | 12” edition of 400, 2011

The final installment in the ASR “Versus” split series brings together two of my personal favorite artists for the first 12” vinyl release from A Soundesign. Side A finds Philadelphia sound artist (and Cleveland export) Chris Madak crafting a rich and versatile interlacing culled from seven years worth of electro-acoustic recordings. “In the Mise en Abîme” is a Bee Mask masterwork composed from the same sessions that produced the “Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico” LP released on Spectrum Spools earlier this year. Side B bestows three deeply pensive pieces on the listener by Columbus synth auteur David Reed (Luasa Raelon / Brittle Foundries / Nightmares). Envenomist consistently produces a lush mixture of contemplation and distress evoking Abstract Expressionism and industrial decay. The artwork is a simplistic and ethereal delight designed by Chicago artist Daniel G. Baird. Included within the package is a fragment of metallized polyethylene terephthalate formed into a topographical land map. The listener is encouraged to manipulate the form as a tactile exercise adding to the synesthetic experience of the record. Screen-printed at Superelectric by Benjamin Haehn and David Russell.