B!163 Sleep Museum "Forschung 1" CD

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B!163 Sleep Museum "Forschung 1" CD

B!163 Sleep Museum "Forschung 1" CD

Part of the Sleep Museum "Forschung" 5xCD box set. Now available individually.

1. All Of You Here
2. Mystery
3. Sooner

In the works since late-2010, BloodLust! is pleased to finally make the "Forschung" set available.

"Forschung" is the darkest and most experimental Sleep Museum material to date. On the five CDs in this box set, Sleep Museum launches itself into the abyss, exploring questions of identity/non-identity, death, suicide, pain and despair, through a series of tracks that use intense analog synthesized music, dark ambiance, noise, and vocals, to summon the chasm inside.

The music on these five albums is most closely related to the long-form synth recordings included on each of the four previous Sleep Museum CDs on BloodLust!: "Core," "Anasthesia," "Replica," and "Home," however, Sleep Museum's Robert Anthony has ventured much further into the abyss, this time around. These are very experimental compositions and might not be for the faint of heart. Those looking for minimal-synth-by-numbers might be advised to search elsewhere!

Professionally duplicated CDs, packaged with single panel, double-sided inserts; color artwork; in jewel boxes with shrink-wrap.