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B!152 Masturbatory Dysfunction "Getting Caught" CD

by Masturbatory Dysfunction

$10.00 / Sold Out

BloodLust! is pleased to announce the debut release by Seattle, Washington's Masturbatory Dysfunction. On offer are eight startling and strong compositions that straddle the lines between harsh noise, synth noise, and death-industrial - somewhere in the neighborhood of a vocal-less Pharmakon, as a starting point, at least. But let's not start some East Coast - West Coast rivalry here. And let's also not overlook how curiously Masturbatory Dysfunction sits next to Climax Denial, another sonic point of reference, to some degree. The young woman behind this solo project had been in touch with BloodLust! for a while, before news of her recordings reached the label. Once her unique concept and methodology had been revealed, there was no question that a release was in order. Amazingly, these recordings were exclusively made during business hours - lunch hour, typically - at a leading national music equipment retailer. The artist behind MD would take a recording device into the store with her - typically a digital video camera - and she would proceed to try out the synthesizers that were available to customers for demonstration - at high-volume, no less. Without trying to be sexist here, if a typical noise guy tried to do this they would definitely be asked to leave the store. But MD, as we shall call her from now on, managed to repeatedly push the limits of how long, how loud, and how frequently she could blast away at the store, capturing a sizable body of work in the process. Tracks were then transferred to computer, edited for time, mastered for maximum sonic potency, and selected for this, her first collection. The term "Getting Caught" functions on multiple levels for MD, both in the obvious sense, as well as in her sexually and criminally based themes. It all works so nicely on multiple levels, which makes this such a powerful debut and such a pleasure to release. These are professionally duplicated CDs, with single panel, double-sided inserts, featuring color artwork; in jewel boxes with shrinkwrap; released in 2010.

1: "Think It Through" (3:10)
2: "Getting Caught" (2:29)
3: "It Was A Mistake" (3:20)
4: "Remnants Of Rape" (6:05)
5. "Me Encountering Myself" (3:35)
6: " Late Night Filth" (3:02)
7: "You Blew It" (5:27)
8: "Bye Mom" (5:06)