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B!125 Mauthausen Orchestra "High Opinion of Oneself" 7-inch

by Mauthausen Orchestra

$15.00 / Sold Out

Pressed in a numbered edition of 100 copies

Blue vinyl; royal blue labels with silver text; professionally-printed, color, fold-over sleeves; 33 RPM.

Pierpaolo Zoppo once again returns to his full Mauthausen Orchestra name with two new songs, recorded for BloodLust! in 2006, as a follow-up to his "Where Are We Going?" CD (B!091, 2008). On his fourth 7-inch single for the label, Zoppo finds new corners of the austere, unsettling, and dark analog synth world to discover, despite the fact that many of his listeners are still left in the choking dust of his legacy of violent and raw power-electronics, as recently hinted at within the grooves of the vital Broken Flag box set released by Vinyl-on-demand in 2007. As with "Smooth Hate" (B!065, 7-inch, 2006), "Forbidden Ground" (B!056, 7-inch, 2006), "Lost in Boyz Town" (B!042, 7-inch, 1999), and "Raising Vapours" (B!033, CD, 1997), Zoppo continues the evolution from his earliest primitive, feedback-laden assaults to new heights (or rather, lows) of dysphoric and cold synthesizer noise-work. Released in 2009.

1. "High Opinion of Oneself" (4:45)
2. "Lustful Youth" (5:19)