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B!124 Bruce Lamont / Right-Eye Rita / Mark Solotroff CD



This mini-album is the debut release by the trio of Bruce Lamont, Right-Eye Rita, and Mark Solotroff, and it consists of a single 19-minute live recording from September 14, 2008, from a performance at Chicago's AV-aerie. Taking full advantage of the cavernous music and art space, the trio unleashed -- for the first time in front of an audience -- their distinctive tri-vocal approach, utilizing both treated and pure voice. The combination of styles included Lamont's looped deep chants, Right-Eye Rita's spellbinding electrified wails, and Solotroff's feedback-laced drones. Bruce Lamont is best known for his band Yakuza, one of the metal world's truly avant-garde and forward-thinking groups. Lamont also performs solo and with a diverse selection of experimental and improvising musicians. Right-Eye Rita is a Chicago musician and artist who performs solo and with a variety of kindred spirits. The magazine STOPSMILING described her performances as being “like Lydia Lunch drenched in absinthe." Mark Solotroff is a Chicago musician and artist known for his bands BLOODYMINDED, The Fortieth Day, Intrinsic Action, etc. Solotroff has a particular obsession with high-pitched feedback, which he actually managed to temper a bit during the performance on this CD. This release is recommended for fans of experimental vocal work, true original industrial music, dark rituals, and artists such as Diamanda Galas, Abruptum, and the earliest moments of Current 93 and Coil. Professionally duplicated CD, single panel, double-sided insert; beautiful color artwork created by Right-Eye Rita; in jewel box with shrinkwrap; Released on April 18, 2009, for Record Store Day, to coincide with a live performance at the downtown Chicago Reckless Records store. 100 copies pressed.

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