B!122 Haptic "Repetition" Cassette

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B!122 Haptic "Repetition" Cassette

Haptic is a trio of serious experimental musicians from Chicago -- Steven Hess, Joseph Clayton Mills, and Adam Sonderberg -- who have not been afraid to get their hands dirty at numerous BLOODYMINDED shows over the years. The result of their dependable presence within the ignoble noise scene has been a live collaboration with BLOODYMINDED front man Mark Solotroff, as well as a studio project with Solotroff, which currently remains incomplete. BloodLust! is pleased to release “Repetition,” a 22-minute piece of music presented in its entirety on the single side of an audio cassette. “Repetition” begins with the jarring sound of an electric amplifier being switched on and it promptly builds up to a vigorous and complex dronework that claims the listener’s concentration throughout its duration. Housed in clear "Norelco” style cases with folded black and white photocopied j-cards. Limited to 50 numbered copies. Released in 2009

A: "Repetition" (22:00)
B: (Blank)