B!120 Cadaver In Drag "Abuse/Breathing Sewage" CD

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B!120 Cadaver In Drag "Abuse/Breathing Sewage" CD


This release brings together some essential and hard-to-find tracks from the utterly repugnant noise-era of Lexington, Kentucky's Cadaver In Drag. This shadowy period was prior to the band's mutation into a filthy, free-sludge-doom-psychedelic behemoth, as heard on their critically acclaimed album "Raw Child" [2007, Animal Disguise Recordings], an Aquarius Records record of the week and hailed by Julian Cope on his Head Heritage website. The first two tracks on this new disc come from the landmark "Abuse" CD [2005, Husk Records], which completely blew me away when I first heard it, and which to this day remains a key post-Millennial noise recording for me. Only 100 copies of that CD were released upon a mostly unsuspecting public. "Breathing Sewage" [2005, Animal Disguise Recordings] is the A-Side of the ultra-limited-edition tour-only cassette of the same name. A mere 20 copies of that tape were initially produced, although thankfully, ADR made it available again later on. The sinuous and turbid connection between these three affiliated tracks comprises lurking danger, darkness, discomfort, dissonance, deviance, and dread. The fourth and final track is a long-discussed collaboration between Cadaver In Drag and myself [Mark Solotroff of BLOODYMINDED, The Fortieth Day, Anatomy of Habit, ex-Super Eight Loop, ex-Animal Law, ex-Intrinsic Action, etc.] and it functions as a true melding of this earlier C.I.D. noise style with what feels like the most straightforward power-electronics song that I have worked on in several years. In fact, the lyrics that I wrote must include some of the most venomous words that I have spat out in quite some time. Cadaver In Drag created a bass-heavy bedrock foundation, over which I was able to deliver my feedback-laced vocals, and I am extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to work on this track with the band. Professionally duplicated CD, single panel, double-sided insert; color and black and white artwork, including an adaptation of the original "Breathing Sewage" art that was created by Gary Beauvais [Mammal/Animal Disguise Recordings]; in jewel box with shrinkwrap.

1. "Abuse 1" (22:06)
2. "Abuse 2" (9:24)
3. "Breathing Sewage" (9:46)
4. "Leak" (7:06)