B!117 Neil Jendon "Invisibility" CD

B!117 Neil Jendon "Invisibility" CD

Neil Jendon is a fixture in the Chicago music scene, who has shifted between roles as a psychedelically-driven guitarist in the indie/alternative band Catherine [TVT Records], a more experimentally-minded guitarist in the avant-garde group Zelienople, and as half of the group Abduction [with Michael Miley], through which I first witnessed Neil's vivid modular synthesizer playing. I originally came to know Neil in the early 1990's, and if I recall correctly, we bonded over the U.K. band, Loop. But maybe that was his band mate, Jerome? In any case, after losing touch with each other for a long measure of time, I have seen and heard much more of Neil's work in the last two years - and more recently - after seeing him destroy a small local venue with a live solo modular synth set - I knew that it was time to talk to him about a release for BloodLust! Neil's skill as an improviser may come into play on "Invisibility," but at the core of these recordings there is what seems to be a familiarity with the palette of early industrial music, be it Maurizio Bianchi, Lustmord, instrumental Throbbing Gristle [grittier than "After Cease to Exist," certainly], etc. Neil recently played an excellent set, opening up for Consumer Electronics, in Chicago, and it struck me how well his flavor of synth sits with other types of noise and experimental music, even if I know that on one hand, he comes from a more psychedelic, shoe-gazer-aware place. Now if I could only get around to seeing his post-Catherine, dream-pop band Buglette play live... Professionally duplicated CD, single panel, double-sided insert; color artwork; in jewel box with shrink-wrap.

1. "First Invisibility" (2:32)
2. "Second Invisibility" (18:38)
3. "Third invisibility" (5:28)
4. "Fourth Invisibility" (21:58)