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B!111 Hydra "Power" CD

by Final Solution and Hydra

$10.00 / Sold Out

Nearly twelve years have passed since "Power" was first released by BloodLust! in an edition of 50 C-60 cassettes that immediately sold out; Nearly five years have passed since Hydra main-main Greg Scott's death; Very little remains of his musical legacy, so it seemed like an appropriate time to re-visit this barely heard recording from Greg's short-lived, post-Final Solution band; The disc is comprised of studio and live recordings (similar to the 1992 Final Solution "Half/Dead" cassette on AWB Recording) and the live tracks offer some moments of memorable, between-song banter from Greg; The CD has been mastered to deliver a strong, clear, powerful sound, without sterilizing the original cassette quality and feel; The artwork was designed to suggest the look of the BloodLust! cassette series (1995-1996) that "Power" was originally released as a part of; Pre-production assistance generously came from Isidro Reyes (BLOODYMINDED, The Fortieth Day, A Vague Disquiet) and Greg's close friend and band mate, Peter Messina (Hydra, Beg For Eden); Mastered for CD by Salvatore Dellaria at Eightysevenwest Recording in Chicago, Illinois; Professionally duplicated CD, single panel, double-sided insert; black and white and grey artwork; in jewel box with shrinkwrap; Released in 2008.

1. "Force" (5:25)
2. "Death's Dimension" (6:12)
3. "Past Life Recall" (6:03)
4. "Gun God (Time Killer Mix)" (9:09)
5. "Break Away" (10:02)
6. "Self Hatred" (10:03)
7. "I Don't Exist" (5:35)
8. "Dead World (Excerpt)" (5:28)