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B!098 Prurient + Wilt "Blood of the Lamb" LP

by Prurient and Wilt

$20.00 / Sold Out

Pressed in an ultra-limited, hand-numbered edition of 100 copies; black vinyl 33 RPM with stamped white labels; silkscreened metallic silver-on-white heavyweight 12" x 24" sleeves, printed inside and out, folded over solid white LP jackets; includes a numbered, silkscreened, folded 10" x 20" poster. This is the long-planned full-length collaboration between Prurient and Wilt, and it follows their criminally short 2007 cassette, "Bottomfeeding Whore" (Turgid Animal). "Blood of the Lamb" represents a perfect blending of the two artists' musical styles, and it is an excellent follow-up to recent Prurient collaborations with Kevin Drumm ("All are Guests in the House of the Lord," 2007, Hospital Productions) and Sutcliffe Jugend ("End of Autumn," 2008, Troubleman Unlimited). This is pure darkness, pure fetish, pure filth... Released in 2009