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Following the style of the "Phases : One" tour cassette, "Phases : Two" continues the SCTL [Source Control] processing methodology - brought back from the Intrinsic Action era - this time applying it to live versions of "Magnetism" songs that were recorded on our August tour. The 60-minute recording is characterized by a mixture of spoken voices, heavy screaming, audience member participation, out of control synthesizers, feedback, rumbling, sudden "rushing" sounds, screeching, etc., all vying for the listener's attention. These professionally duplicated CD-Rs are limited to 200 numbered copies and they are packaged in black and white, printed, fold-over sleeves. Released in 2007.

These recordings were made in November 2006, by Mark Solotroff (for Bloodyminded), at Conservatory, Chicago, Illinois - solely utilizing live versions of songs from the "Magnetism" CD that were recorded live during the August 2006 Bloodyminded tour - as source material. Live recordings were made at: Skylab Gallery, Columbus, OH, August 3; Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago, IL, August 4; The Church, Minneapolis, MN, August 5; Hall Mall, Iowa City, IA, August 6; Valhalla Gallery, Kansas City, MO, August 7; Spooky Action Place, St. Louis, MO, August 8; The Frowny Bear, Lexington, KY, August 9; Red Room, Kalamazoo, MI, August 10; Behind The Green Door, Detroit, MI, August 11. For this tour, Bloodyminded was Nicole Chambers, Xavier Laradji, Pieter Schoolwerth, and Mark Solotroff; with Ed Knigge (Chicago), Chris Mack (Chicago), and Isidro Reyes (St. Louis). The digital transfer and the mater were made in December 2006, by Jason Soliday, at Enemy, Chicago, Ilinois. Thanks to our touring parters in (Burning) Graveyards, Lambsbread, and Demons. Thanks to all of the venues, the organizers, the promoters, the other bands, and all those who attended.

1. Untitled (30:12)
2. Untitled (30:01)