B!065 M.O. "Smooth Hate" 7-inch (Mauthausen Orchestra)

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B!065 M.O. "Smooth Hate" 7-inch (Mauthausen Orchestra)

Edition of 100 numbered 45 RPM singles, pressed in red vinyl, with heavyweight silk-screened cover-inserts, housed in thick plastic sleeves.

Two newly recorded, bleak yet intense, minimal synth tracks, created exclusively for BloodLust! A welcome and quick follow-up to the recent "Forbidden Ground" 7-inch (B!056, 2006), utilizing a very different sound -- a heavier approach, maybe, compared to Pierpaolo Zoppo's style on the "Raising Vapours" CD (B!033, 1997) and on the "Lost In Boyz Town" 7-inch (B!042, 1999), but every bit as depressive sounding.

Recorded at Private Thoughts, Quincinetto, Italy.

A: Smooth Hate
B: Incomparable Victims