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B!049 BLOODYMINDED ‎"Live: Behind The Green Door"

3-Inch Mini-CD.
Released in 2005.
Co-release with Chondritic Sound ‎(CH-098).
Limited to 98 copies.
Re-released on CD in 2006 with bonus video content as "Live: Behind The Green Door / Street Level At VG Kids" (B!051)

Engineered by Greh
Mastered by Matthew Hennessy
Synthesizer: Chris Mack
Synthesizer, Vocals: Ed Knigge
Vocals, Synthesizer: Mark Solotroff

1 Head
2 Baby
3 Void
4 West
5 Lick
6 Trophy
7 Genital Panic
8 Porn Lord
9 Angel Of Darkness
10 Wet
11 29 Below
12 Chalk Eaters
13 The Love Haters vs. The Hate Lovers
14 Dazed
15 Mantra
16 1%

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